Architecture is an accurate and stunning game of setting objects which are located under the artificial and natural lights. These lights and shadows demonstrate the forms of the buildings in front of us.
Light in architecture is one of the factors which is expressed next to other elements and concepts such as structure, materials, colors, space arrangements and so on and we have to consider it as a particular element in architectural design.
During the last years, the lighting design has found its interesting identity; from the urban decorations to making the safety senses for people in cities, like the old and familiar feeling of finding fire in societies.
Why the Zoom design group?
The Zoom architectural lighting design group has reached to the intelligently design plans by innovative architectural ideas. We conduct the light to the architectural spaces in a way that the light and space are combined to reshape the environment which can give enjoyment, beauty, comfort and convenience to your daily activities.
The ability of seeing, is one of the most powerful and easiest activities of human beings.
We help you to be seen with the creative ideas and the correct combination of light and architecture in new ways.
The Zoom design group is the visual language of you to receive your goals and demands. It would be great to learn the visual language to communicate.
Whether we want it or not we are on the way of LIGHTING. The LIGHT attracts us.

Our Colleagues

Maedeh Pourfathollah

Co-founder at Zoom Lighting Design Group

- PhD candidate of architecture at TMU
- Lighting Designer and Researcher
- Member of ILP (institution of lighting professional)
- University Lecturer

Zahra Ghasemi

Co-founder at Zoom Lighting Design Group

- PhD candidate of architecture at Azad University
- Architecture, Lighting designer and researcher
- University Lecturer

Maryam Asadpour

Branding Consultant, Marketing and Advertisement

- Master of Regional Planning at the University of Science and Research.

Sorosh Ghoreishi

Ali Mazaheri

- Bachelor of computer science

Homan Mirzakhani

Toktam Naeemi

Performing Technical Calculations

Master of urban design at international university of Imam khomeini
Architect and urban planner
Having experience in the field of urban planning and architecture more than 6 years

Ehsan Nikaeen

- Master of Civil Engineering

Sajedeh Pourfathollah

- Bachelor of architecture - Architect and lighting designer

Fatemeh Vafaie

- Master of Architectural Design from university of Sheffield in UK
- Teaching Assistant at Tehran University of Art at Postgraduate level in Architectural Design
- Having experiences of Design and implementation of interior, exterior and urban projects
- Management of international relations, competitions and projects
- An English expert and translator of professional architectural contexts