Christmas light competition 2018

First idea
In this meeting space, the circular staircases have designed for gathering people, which musical dancing fountain is at their center. Interactive lighting design is one of the goals this light cube follows, and this project takes on a new form with the audience's participation.In this Cube of light and song, Christmas and celebration music’s play and There are sensory sensors in the space. The audience in this space can match the songs, and if their consistency and their sound are higher, the dance of light and water will also increase. Crane birds that are hanging from the roof are also symbols of the wishes that fly to the sky. The more the audience is in this cube the more light the birds become.
Second idea
Every Christmas, children are waiting to receive their gifts and presents from Papa Noel. This is one of the traditions that can bring joy and happiness to children. We got our idea from this beautiful tradition to make an interactive plan for people who come and visit Grand Front Osaka. These people who take part in this activity can be from ordinary people, charities or even tourists to make the dreams of children true, particularly the children who can not afford and achieve their wishes! Therefore we try to proposal an idea which is unique, attractive and stays in visitor's minds forever as an appealing memory from Osaka. Just follow us, it would work as a tourist attraction! There are a few Touch Screen Stands in 2 different sizes: At the beginning of the Christmas event or even during of that, children write one of their wishes on the smaller touch screen stands and these stands have a direct connection with the flat lighting screen squares so all the written wishes are represented separately on the flat lighting squares. Simultaneously people and communities choose the wishes from the taller Touch Screen Stand and undertake to make them true. Then one by one the black ball lamps become white on the Christmas also each of white lamps can show the name of benefactor in small scale.