Lighting design of the main branch of Mellat banK

Emphasis on the slogan of the Mellat Bank, “Mellat Bank is Your Bank”
The creation of a city sign which expresses the concepts of banking.
The architectural lighting design idea of the main branch ofMellatbanks as a symbol of the city indicated the concept of banking and banking management. The idea is about Spotlightsthat aresymbols of each people to emphasize the slogan of this bank (which is “Mellat Bank is Your Bank”). As we approach the center of the building, we have been using closer spotlights in distance with a warmer color, indicating that the Mellat Bank is a bank of its own people and comes from the people and all the people have invested in the bank together. The middle part of the project, which is a safe place for people's deposits and investments, is an important point of this lighting design and represents a secure place to preserve the people's wealth. This lighting design can be animated or (because of the costs)in a fixed way. In animated way, elements are the indicator of movement and circulation of money from around to the inside of the building. This design approach has two scenarios. At the beginning of night and till the time of presence of people we proposed the Spotlights (animated or fixed way) and also the changes in CCT (color correlated temperature) in different floors plus linear lighting design in paths and changes in intensity of lighting for other walls and partitions that all of these ideas represent the concept of design. The second scenario is about the late time of night and in order to save energy and other considerations, the spotlights are turned off and the middle of the building is the only choice for lighting.Illuminated the project with the color of moonlight in these hours, which this lighting design comes from the outer walls towards the crown of the building and with a number of solid lines, it somehow expresses the protection of the money and investments of the people. We tried to concentrate on the central idea as a main concept of our design and also focusing on the important goal of this bank according to its slogan which is the encouragement of people for safe investments in this bank.