The portal of university of Shahid Beheshti,2018

The lighting design of the portal of university of Shahid Beheshti was done by Zoom lighting design group. The aim of this project was showing the concept of lighting design more than just flooding light into the portal. Our lighting plan doesn't make gazing and a difficult situation for bothering eyes. In this project, the main goal was making different levels of intensity of lighting for concentration on some parts of this portal. Arch as an important element which has the highest level of intensity on the peak and then the intensity of light reduces gradually when it comes down. This characteristic is also visible in other parts of this portal, playing with light and shade and highlighting the most important parts of this project. Apart from these factors, we chose a color for lighting that is quite relevant to the material which is brick. Lighting for the background site of this portal is another feature of this project and we used spotting lights on the earth randomly in different parts, in other words these lights conduct and invite people and students to the university by increasing in numbers when they become closer to the gate.