Zima Multifunctional Center, (Cultural, Recreational and Commercial) has been built on 3 acres of land on the northwest side of Sadeghieh First Square with 80% on the square and 35,000 m2on 18 floors. The lighting design of this complex was done with the approach of branding and attracting maximum attention by maintaining the lighting standards by Zoom Architecture Lighting Group.
Three design ideas were presented to the employer. The first idea was interactive with the branding approach of the commercial complex with a combination of green and yellow. This color combination is in a unique on that state and changing at different times of the day provides the necessary attraction for the audience. In this design, the lighting of glass surfaces emphasized the volume of the building and with linear lights, the emphasis was on the shell of the building. In the second idea, variable point light and DMX programming were used. The programming was such that special color combinations were used at different times and occasions. Finally, with the employer's opinion, the third design, which was a combination of first and second ideas and with more variety, was selected. This design can be seen as an animation on the Instagram of Zoom Architecture Lighting Group.